World Clocks

現地に到着して、最初に戸惑うのは、「今、いったい何時かしら?」です。 そんな時に便利なiPhoneに現地専用の時計をダウンロードして出かければそんな悩みはなくなります。 必要なのは、いま、立ってる場所の時間が一目でわかる時計です。1箇所でよいのです。内臓アプリのような世界各所の時間までいりません。 特定の都市の時間が知りたい人のために、ニューヨークから南極の基地まで150箇所以上の現地専用時計のシリーズをリリースしてます。iPhoneの売られている国の都市はすべて網羅されています。
アプリを立ち上げておけば、ワンクリックにちかい操作で時計が表示されます。まるで腕時計みたいに、これは想像以上に便利です。 また、現地から遠く離れて(外国に)住んでいる人にも、便利に使えるように、午前中は、文字盤が白く、午後はグリーンに変化します。そして日付も表示されます。サマータイムも気にする必要はありません。(各国の法律が変わらない限り自動的に調整します。)ロンドン(無料)、ニューヨークは(無料)、その他の都市は99セント。
Wouldn’t it be great if you always had the local time for any city around the world at your fingertips, without having to do any calculations? With the World Clock series iPhone application from GAME-INDEX, this is possible and Oh! it is so great!!!
Just download the clock for whichever city you’re traveling to and off you go! When the plane touches down, just start up your iPhone and with one-click, you have the local time and date. It’s just as easy as glancing at your wrist watch! The convenience factor of this application goes without saying. For those world travelers who love to explore the places less traveled, there are World Clocks for over 150 cities around the globe. So go ahead, download the clock for the South Pole and enjoy your chilly trip; or visit the wild jungles of Africa, but don’t forget to pack your iPhone with the World Clock! All cities of countries in which the iPhone is sold are included. This is a must-not-travel-without-it application, all downloadable for less than a dollar!
Oh but it gets even better! Everyone has someone living abroad that they know. Whether it’s family, friends, or your favorite movie star. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what their local time is, with a tap of your finger? Say you live in New York and you want to call your friend living in Cairo, but you don’t want to call them in the middle of the night. Download the World Clock for Cairo, give it one tap, and never think twice about what time to call, it’s as simple as that. Tired of figuring out if it’s 8 o’clock on the morning or at night? Each clock in the series shows AM time on a white dial and changes to a green dial for PM. Daylight Saving Time is automatically calculated (unless the DSL adjustment for a country changes by law).
Download New York for (Free) and London for (Free) and check it out for yourself! All other cities are just 99 cents. Bon Voyage!

World Time Index

Argentina Buenos Aires time
  Mendoza time
Angola Luanda time
Antarctica McMurdo time
  Syowa time
  South Pole time
  Rothera time
  Palmer time
  Vostok time
  DumontDUrville time
Arctic Longyearbyen time
Australia Sydney time
  Melbourne time
  Brisbane time
  Adelaide time
  Perth time
  Christmas time
Austria Vienna time
Barbados Barbados time
Belgium Brussels time
Botswana Gaborone time
Brazil Sao Paulo time
  Manaus time
Bulgaria Sofia time
Burkina Faso Ouagadougou time
C. African Republic Bangui time
Canada Montreal time
  Toronto time
  Winnipeg time
  Vancouve time
Chile Santiago time
China Beijing time
  Chongqing time
  Shanghai time
Colombia Bogota time
Costa Rica Costa Rica time
Croatia Zagreb time
Cuba Havana time
Czech Republic Prague time
Denmark Copenhagen time
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo time
Ecuador Guayaquil time
  Galapagos time
Egypt Cairo time
El Salvador San Salvador time
Estonia Tallinn time
Finland Helsinki time
France Paris time
  Nice time
Germany Berlin time
Greece Athens time
Guam Guam time
Guatemala Guatemala time
Guinea Malabo time
  Bissau time
Honduras Tegucigalpa time
Hong Kong Hong Kong time
Hungary Budapest time
India Kolkata time
  New Delhi time
Indonesia Jakarta time
  Jayapura time
Ireland Dublin time
Israel Jerusalem time
Italy Rome time
  Venice time
  Naples time
  Milan time
Ivory Coast Abidjan time
Jamaica Jamaica time
Japan Tokyo time
  Kyoto Japan time
Jordan Amman time
Kenya Nairobi time
Korea Seoul time
Kuwait Kuwait time
Latvia Riga time
Liechtenstein Vaduz time
Lithuania Vilnius time
Luxembourg Luxembourg time
Macau Macau time
Macedonia Skopje time
Madagascar Madagascar time
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur time
Mali Bamako time
Malta Malta time
Mexico Mexico City time
  Tijuana time
  Mazatlan time
Moldova Chisinau time
Monaco Monaco time
Montenegro Podgorica time
Netherlands Amsterdam time
New Zealand Auckland time
Nicaragua Managua time
Niger Niamey time
Norway Oslo time
Panama Panama time
Papua New Guinea Port Moresby time
Palau Palau time
Peru Lima time
Philippines Manila time
Poland Warsaw time
Portugal Lisbon time
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico time
Qatar Qatar time
Reunion Island Reunion time
Romania Bucharest time
Saudi Arabia Riyadh time
Saipan Saipan time
Senegal Dakar time
Singapore Singapore time
Slovakia Bratislava time
South Africa Johannesburg time
Spain Madrid time
  Barcelona time
Sweden Stockholm time
Switzerland Zurich time
Taiwan Taipei time
Thailand Bangkok time
Tahiti Tahiti time
Turkey Istanbul time
Uganda Kampala time
United Arab Emirates Dubai time
UK London time (Free)
  Bermuda time
Uruguay Montevideo time
USA New York time (Free)
  LosAngeles time
  Detroit time
  Chicago time
  San Francisco time
  Seattle time
  Washington DC time
  Philadelphia time
  Miami time
  Boston time
  Houston time
  Louisville time
  Monticello time
  Indianapolis time
  Vincennes time
  Winamac time
  Anchorage time
  Honolulu time
Venezuela Caracas time
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh time