4-In-A-Row Brain Trainer(思考力を伸ばす4目並べ)

This four-in-a-row game helps both children and adults to develop their thinking capacity. The rules are easy: working from the bottom up, simply line up the chips four-in-row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, and you win! The computer makes a formidable opponent: everyone from children to adults is thoroughly challenged playing alone, but two can also play. This is also a great way for seniors to keep their minds active. Everyone on the planet can enjoy this modern twist on a great classic.Download it now!


Addition and Subtraction Can be Fun(足し算引き算パズル)

Addition and Subtraction Can be Fun (for i-Pad)「遊んでばかりいないで、ゲームしなさい!」GAME-INDEXの大人も子供も楽しめる知育ゲームシリーズ第3弾:”足し算引き算パズル”をリリースしました。

Stop wasting time, and play games instead!!
Addition and Subtraction Can be Fun (for i-Pad) is the third in our series of fun-and-educational games for everyone from kids to adults.

This arithmetic puzzle is fun for everyone from elementary school students to adults. Simply solve the addition and subtraction problems one by one by dragging with your finger. This puzzle not only helps kids to get great at arithmetic—it also aids in logic and thinking skill development. We offer two different levels: one for lower-grade elementary school students and the other for everyone from higher-grade elementary school students to adults. Download it now!


The Modern Magic Square(魔法陣パズル)

The Modern Magic Square is one of those classics we never get tired of,and this one is special for its beautiful design and educational value. Our version contains a wide array of problems to challenge everyone from kids to seniors, helping kids to get the skills they need for math, adults to relax and have fun, and older people to keep their brains stimulated! The goal of this magic square game is to get the same totals for the vertical, horizontal, and diagonal rows. You’re given two number hints, and then you simply fill in the rest. You’ll never get bored, because you’ll get a different game each time! Download it now!


The Talking Teaching Clock(声で教える知育時計:日英バイリンガル)

GAME-INDEX is pleased to introduce our educational game series. All of these games are great fun for both kids and adults. Our first installment is The Talking Teaching Clock, an interactive clock that makes learning to tell time fun. With both visual and audio features, this clock helps kids learn to read the clock—in no time. Download it now!