Mr.Bill Splitter (超簡単!割勘君) for i-Phone

warikan酔っぱらっていても大丈夫。簡単(シンプル)操作の割勘計算機です。対話形式だから、番号順に入力するだけで、いきなり使えます。金持ち:平民:貧民=3:2:1の比率です。そして、100円単位で割勘します。最初、請求額を記入、あなたを人数にいれないで(ここが重要)、金持ち、平民、貧民の人数を記入、そしてあなたのボタンを押す。あなたは端数を調整します。ですから、ちょっと得をするかもしれません。幹事さんの役得ですね。もちろん再計算も可能ですので、円満に!無料版はこちらをクリック! 有料版はこちらをクリック!
An easy-to-use Dutch Treat calculator for Japanese Yen. Since it is in Wizard format (interactive), it can be used simply and immediately. Bills are calculated between Rich, Common, and Poor people at the ratio of 3:2:1, respectively. All calculations are done per 100yen. Simply input the bill amount, number of rich, common, and poor people accordingly (excluding yourself) and calculate with the appropriate button of your category. Since you (the person calculating) adjusts the fraction, you may profit a little (a small perk for doing the calculations). Recalculation is possible at any time, calling for a peaceful and fair splitting of the bill.Click here for our Free Version! Click here for our Paid Version!