The Transparent Calculator (デザイン電卓スケルトン) for i-Phone

The Transparent Calculator for Smartphonesアイフォンはすばらしいデザインです。しかし、その中の電卓アプリのデザインはあまりおしゃれとは言えません。そんな不満をお持ちのあなたに!どこより美しいデザインの電卓をご用意しました。

There are some incredible smartphone designs out there, but most calculator applications aren’t very hip. This, on the other hand, is the coolest calculator around, and it’s perfectly tailored to the smartphone.
The smartphone is sleek right down to the mother board. The Transparent Calculator re-creates the mother board with a “see-through” design. Clear buttons add to an overall transparent look. This application is not only fabulous to look at—it also has a practical  calculation-checking feature.Click Now!