The Feng Shui Good Luck Calculator(風水電卓)


Chinese believe that feng shui can make a person rich. This calculator uses feng shui concepts said to bring in money. According to feng shui, gold tones placed in the western direction will bring you wealth, while the color black placed in the northern direction helps you to accumulate money. This feng shui calculator turns gold if you point it to the west (200°-300°) , and turns black when pointed in other directions. Point it to the west when you receive money, and to the north when you’re calculating how much you’re spending. That way, you’ll get lots of money, and keep it, too!
Besides good luck, this calculator has lots of other great features as well. It’s a handy consumption tax calculator, calculating the tax on your purchases with the push of just one button. It also displays a record of your past calculations. Download it now!