Minesweeper Search & Destroy Mission-Large Screen(マインスイーパー大型)

隠されたいくつかの地雷を予測し、地雷以外のマスを すべて開けるゲームです。隣接したマスに地雷があると数字で表示されますので、冷静に考えれば、地雷の場所は推測できます。そして、予測の場所に目印をつけることができます。ゲームのレベルは5段階( 註:3.5インチ画面の場合は2段階になります)、さあ、本格的なゲームの面白さ楽しんでください。
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The goal of this game is to open all boxes except those containing mines, without getting blown up! It’s not only great fun—it helps to develop thinking skills and memory as well: when there are mines nearby, the number of neighboring mines is indicated in nearby boxes, so the player can predict where the mines will be. The game also has a flagging feature so that you can mark boxes where you think the mines are. The game features five levels (two levels on 3.5-inch screens). This authentic mine game is exciting and challenging for everyone from beginners to enthusiasts.
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