The Cat Lover’s Maze–Mobile Free (ねこの迷路Free)for i-Phone


This is a maze game for cat lovers, complete with animated kitties! The goal is to bring the lost kitten through the maze–home to the mama cat. Start with one of the colored boxes on the left, and finish with one of the boxes on the right. The rules are simple: you can move through a maximum of three different colors. You go move up/down and left/right, but you can’t go diagonally, and you can’t move through the same spot twice. Move ahead one click at a time. The lost kitten follows with each click. When you get the right route, the mother cat will be waiting at the end. And if you get stuck, click on the Hint button to see which box to start with. The computer generates new games each time. Have fun with the cats!Click Now!(Free)