A Sudoku Game You Can Play Secretly at Work! お仕事中でも遊べる電卓風数独ゲーム(ナンプレゲーム) for iPhone)

あの数独(Sudoku)とか、ナンプレ(NumberPlace)とか呼ばれている1から9までの数字をいれるパズルゲームです。デザインは電卓風です。だから、人が見たら、まるでお仕事中みたいです。見やすい数字、使いやすいボタンなど電卓と同じです。出題数は、ほぼ無限です。ヒントの数字も表示することができます。正解したら、Facebookボタンが表示されますので、投稿して、お友達に自慢しましょう。無料版はこちらをクリック! 有料版はこちらをクリック!

In this fun puzzle game, the user enters numbers 1-9 like in Sudoku or Number Place. Only there’s one HUGE difference between this app and other puzzle games: it’s designed to look like a calculator—which means that anyone who sees you playing this game would think you’re hard at work! The numbers are easy to read, and the buttons are incredibly user-friendly. Since it can generate a virtually infinite number of games, you’ll never, EVER get bored. But sometimes you might get stuck….when that happens, you can press the Show Hints button to get some clues. And whenever you solve a puzzle, the Facebook Upload button appears. Upload all the games you win, and impress your friends! Click here for our Free Version! Click here for our Paid Version!