Maze Mania (迷路ゲーム) for i-Pad

maze大人ぽいデザインのクラシック迷路ゲームです。iPadを上下左右に傾けて玉をころがし、ゴールまで進めます。途中、落とし穴がいくつも あって、集中力が必要です。迷路は全部で5パターン、難易度もそれぞれちがいます。子供には集中力を高める訓練に、大人には仕事の合間の気分転換に、いろ いろ楽しめるパズルゲームです。これはiPad用です。iPhone版もリリース中。AppStoreで好評発売中
With five different levels ranging from easy to very difficult, Maze Mania is good for hours and hours of amusement. Yet this classic-design game is not only great fun to play–it’s literally a piece of art for your i-Pad. The highly realistic look makes you feel like you’re in the maze yourself. It’s addictive! To play, tilt your i-Pad left and right and up and down to move the ball toward the goal. This game is harder than it looks: it takes a lot of concentration to get to the end without falling in! Once you clear one level, you’re automatically moved on to the next. Or you can select your level by clicking on the buttons numbered 1-5 in the top left corner. For kids, Mazes Mania improves concentration, while for adults it’s a great diversion when you need a break. But be careful: you might just forget to get back to work!Buy Now!