Four-in-a-Row (四目並べゲーム) for i-Pad

大人から子供まで楽しめるアメリカで人気のあの四目並べゲームです。ルールは簡単!交互にコマを下から積み上げて、たて、よこ、ななめに4 つ並べば、あなたの勝ちです。にくらしいほど強いコンピュータとの対戦はもちろん、人と人、二人で遊ぶことも可能です。ぜひ、お酒を飲みながらでも、ゲー ムに興じてください。これはiPad用です。iPhone版もリリースしています。AppStoreで好評発売中
We all remember Four-in-a-Row from when we were kids, right? Well, this game is worlds apart from those plastic sets we used to play with: this is a sleek, modern version that’s great fun not just for not only kids but adults too! It’s got a classic, beautiful design that’s mesmerizing even just to look at. There’s nothing to the rules: just line up four pieces vertically, horizontally, or diagonally and you win! This game can be played alone—you against the computer—or with two people. Four-in-a-Row is a wonderful way to spend hours relaxing with a friend. Since it’s so simple and familiar to all of us, you can play while you’re engaged in conversation, or even over some drinks. Enjoy!Buy Now!